• B13400247 Goodman Condenser Fan Motor 1/4 HP 208/230 V 1075 RPM


This 1/4 horsepower, 208-230 volt, 1075 rpm, single speed motor is used in many Goodman air conditioning condensing units and package units.  It also replaces obsolete condenser motor part number B13400-247, 5KCP39EGT974S, RX2800168337, B13400247S

Below are Goodman, Amana, Janitrol, and Whirlpool model numbers which use this motor.


B13400247 Goodman Condenser Fan Motor 1/4 HP 208/230 V 1075 RPM

  • Brand: Goodman
  • Product Code: OGD1026
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $117.64

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